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So this is going to be a quick one as I am sitting in the Oslo International Airport waiting to connect to Tromso and then my final destination Longyearbyen ( pronounced long - yair - bye - un, as the passport agent so nicely told me).

BBQ chicken, green beans, the cutest potatoes on the planet, salad, roll and cheese and a chocolate mousse cake!!

I just spent over seven hours on a plane, but man, Scandinavian Airlines know how to fly right. Ipad tablet screens with movies and games and chairs that recline more than usual.

Ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, warm roll, fruit, yogurt and granola, OJ

I need to preface this with: I never ( or at least I don't think I have) post pictures of my food. This is an exception, because on my flight I not only got a full dinner, but also breakfast. Both were particularly delicious.

AND, when you have a best friend who is a flight attendant and they tell you to bring your flights crew some treats as appreciation, you do it. Because then you get extra snacks and bottled water, which everyone else had to pay for! - thanks Martha :)

While I have not seen much of Norway, other than what was outside my window, soon I will be in the open (albeit cold) air.

Hello Norway

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