A Midsummer For The Ages

It was 95 degrees today...take me back to the Arctic please. It was bittersweet to leave the pack ice, but I was anticipating even more wonders. We returned to land in Nordauslandet, Sørvika. This area was strewn with debris. Our artist residency traveled to this beach 10 months prior and cleaned it of plastics only to see it in a similar state when we arrived. It is disheartening that so much plastic, garbage, and fishing products end up on the beaches in the Arctic. The ship was able to haul a rusty, 55 gallon drum on deck while we were on our way to the pack ice. It was just bobbing in the open ocean. While there was a lot of plastic debris on this beach there were also large amount

The Swell, The Ice, And You

We went there on the wind. By chance. The winds were coming from the south and as we left Fugelfjorden we let them take us north. Away from Svalbard, from land, into international waters. The crew and our guides did not tell us what they were hoping to find (just in case we were searching for something outside of our grasp), but when we woke up we were there. The pack ice. Above 81°N, the farthest North the Antigua had ever sailed. If this were the only place I saw during this trip, nothing else, I still would have been fulfilled. The trip would have been complete in my eyes. No documentation can do justice to the experience of being within the floating sea ice. We were there the whole

Icebergs and Art Openings

Sit with this for a moment. My next few days at sea were filled with glaciers, ice floes, icebergs... and an art exhibition (more on this shortly). We began our next day in a fjord branch of Krossfjorden, in front of the glacier Tinayrebreen. I spent most of the morning working on a pen and ink study of the glacier. What I found most interesting about this area was some of the snow features and the residual glacial ice. They remained in flat plains, sliced through by melt channels. On our return to the Antigua from shore we moved very quietly. The ship had been drifting with the ice in the bay since it was so still and it had drifted right up next to a bearded seal who was resting on an

From the Beginning.

It has taken me some time to readjust to New York from my expedition in the Midnight Sun. Not solely because it now means I have responsibilities again, but I have left places behind that sparked something meaningful in me. It has been a task to compile all of the images and video clips, thoughts and educational tidbits that I acquired while in Svalbard. I would like to share my trip with you in several installments. Giving you the highlights, showing you the places I have been while trying to describe the feelings and atmosphere this area of the world gave to me. I am beginning with my days at sea. You know it is going to be an exceptional (and rather lucky) trip when 30 minutes into yo

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