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Icebergs and Art Openings

Sit with this for a moment.

My next few days at sea were filled with glaciers, ice floes, icebergs... and an art exhibition (more on this shortly). We began our next day in a fjord branch of Krossfjorden, in front of the glacier Tinayrebreen. I spent most of the morning working on a pen and ink study of the glacier. What I found most interesting about this area was some of the snow features and the residual glacial ice. They remained in flat plains, sliced through by melt channels.

On our return to the Antigua from shore we moved very quietly. The ship had been drifting with the ice in the bay since it was so still and it had drifted right up next to a bearded seal who was resting on an ice floe.

Our next stop, Lloyd's Hotel. A self proclaimed 5-star establishment, a perfect place for an art exhibition! One of the other artist-in-residence, Fritz Horstman, organized and curated a small exhibition he entitled, Pole Saw. The first installment of art was within Lloyd Hotel. Not only was this small hut particularly interesting, but the landscape was unique and the weather this day gave us some peculiar clouds.