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Wayfaring, the act of traveling by foot, connects us to our environment and subsequently those that walk the same paths. My artistic practice is a journey of exploration—a synthesis of place attachment theory, landscape representation, and the embodied experience of walking. Through my work, I endeavor to unravel the complex interplay between human emotions, environments, and the act of traversing through them. Within this confluence, visuals can generate stewardship and foster a connectedness among individuals in these shared environments, “celebrating the grandeur of a common landscape.” (IAT)

Entrenched in research and exploration, while drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of landscapes that surround us, I embark on a quest to capture not only the visual beauty of these places but also the intangible essence that makes them resonate deeply within us. Place attachment theory serves as a guiding principle, reminding me that our connections to places are imbued with layers of memory, emotion, and meaning.“Wonder is one of the most powerful forces with which we are born.” (Kagge) This is the tether that pulls me towards the unknown, urgent, and unseen. In my artistic process, walking plays a central role. Each step is a deliberate exploration, a tactile engagement with the terrain. As I traverse through diverse landscapes, I am attuned to the stimuli that surround me. The textures, sounds, and scents of the environment become integral elements of my artistic vocabulary, informing the way I interpret and represent these places.


Exchanges are made every moment within the structures of our landscapes, as we walk pathways littered with softly uttered tales, we do the same. Landscape, in my work, becomes a space where human emotions and experiences unfold. Through careful observation and interpretation, I seek to evoke the sense of awe and nostalgia that a particular place may elicit within us. Each mark is imbued with intention, capturing not only the physical features of the landscape but also the fleeting moments of poignancy that punctuate our interactions with it. Through my work, I invite viewers to embark on their own explorations—to connect with the landscapes depicted, to reminisce about their own experiences, and to contemplate the profound connections we forge with the places we inhabit. Leading us to act for the inheritance we are leaving; are we being good ancestors?

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