Til neste gang vi møtes.

So tomorrow morning I begin the bulk of my journey here in Svalbard. I will be boarding the Antigua, a barquentine tall ship, and setting off, even further North. Longyearbyen is an incredible place. It is home to just over 2,000 permanent residents and is the largest settlement in Svalbard and the northernmost in the world. It sits in a valley and was predominantly a mining town. There are abandoned mine buildings scattered on the steady escarpments. There are no trees. Nothing. There is very little vegetation at all, perhaps that is why the buildings are all brightly colored - to break up the consistent color of the earth. Interesting tidbit - the only colors that buildings can be p


So this is going to be a quick one as I am sitting in the Oslo International Airport waiting to connect to Tromso and then my final destination Longyearbyen ( pronounced long - yair - bye - un, as the passport agent so nicely told me). I just spent over seven hours on a plane, but man, Scandinavian Airlines know how to fly right. Ipad tablet screens with movies and games and chairs that recline more than usual. I need to preface this with: I never ( or at least I don't think I have) post pictures of my food. This is an exception, because on my flight I not only got a full dinner, but also breakfast. Both were particularly delicious. AND, when you have a best friend who is a flight attendant

We're Going Places

Two days. On Friday I get on a plane headed for Svalbard. I will be in Longearbyen, Norway for roughly a day and a half and then we set sail. I have packed my life into two backpacks. Granted I wish that I could take my other half (Mike) and my cats with me, I don't think anyone other than us would approve... While I will be with many people, I am hesitant about being so removed from the ones I love and know. The other residents will start as strangers, but I hope will leave as collaborators in our work and friends. There will be a bit to get used to. I will then be on the ship for nearly 3 weeks. On the days where we are able to disembark the ship we have to stay in safe zones while

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