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We're Going Places

Two days. On Friday I get on a plane headed for Svalbard. I will be in Longearbyen, Norway for roughly a day and a half and then we set sail. I have packed my life into two backpacks. Granted I wish that I could take my other half (Mike) and my cats with me, I don't think anyone other than us would approve... While I will be with many people, I am hesitant about being so removed from the ones I love and know. The other residents will start as strangers, but I hope will leave as collaborators in our work and friends.

There will be a bit to get used to. I will then be on the ship for nearly 3 weeks. On the days where we are able to disembark the ship we have to stay in safe zones while on land. If we request to leave the zone we must be accompanied by an armed escort. Not because of people ( we will be seeing very few, if anyone other than those on the ship), but for polar bears. It is incredible to me that I will be in this environment.

I am ready to go places.

Speaking of going places, a piece of my work (a suite of four view finders) will be exhibited at the Islip Art Museum. The exhibition opens and the reception is while I am away, but it is an amazing space and should be a interesting and inventive exhibition.

Private Viewing: For Your Eyes Only is

an exhibition of works created within a box, view-able by only one person at a time. If you are in the area, take a moment and enjoy this show.

Until I land in Longyearbyen - thank you for all of your support. There is still some time to contribute for some cool rewards!

Thank you for your generosity. Keep an eye here and on Facebook and Instagram for updates during my expedition!

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