It can be simple to take for granted how much land there is around us.  There are fewer places now that are unseen and unpossessed, but, on the other hand, we also easily overlook the places we have already been.  These are places that pull.  My works are objects that aid in a discussion on our historic relationship with the natural world, our intentions, successes, and failures.

What do we think of when we envision the wild landscape?  By now, we are all aware of these areas that are marked as sacred lands.  What can be done to inform and create awareness of our dwindling wilderness, our shifting climate?  My work pays homage to these landscapes life in their authentic form while still referencing their dissipation and the restrictions we’ve placed on these areas.  When you have sailed through ice laden fjords, knowing within moments the area will be forever altered, the need to defend these places becomes urgent. 

This is my elegy for our Arctic landscapes.  Places that, if not for these physical reflections, will be lost with time.  My recollections of floating past glacial giants in areas of Greenland, Iceland, and Svalbard, Norway have haunted me.  The ethereal stillness of the frozen landscape is present in the translucency of glass and the delicacy of paper. 


All of this work advocates for ice, that as of right now, has already melted into the sea.

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